I’m an associate creative director building brands and seeking truth with the fine folks at ︎Hyperquake, where I strive to produce meaningful work that strikes a balance between beautiful & useful.

I love to highlight ephemeral designs that are much of the time overlooked—finding beauty in the everyday.

This site (yes, this one) was featured on ︎Typewolf.

My skills are as follows but not limited to: art direction, brand identity, friendship, illustration, naming, packaging, print collateral, posters, strategy, typography, websites, and much much more...

This portfolio consists of work done for ︎Hyperquake, ︎Office of Brothers, LemonGrenade, & various self initiated projects. 

+1 423 827 3590
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

All type is set in ︎GT Haptik in a lovely shade of #0075ff.

2022, Anno Domini

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